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getting my shit together

so I’ve been in a rut… been in one before the pandemic… its been dwelling but for the I’ve been to keep it at bay. with the advent of the months following covid I spiraled deep into my rut. now I’m trying to crawl out but every day its a struggle as I choose to do nothing vs something.

to develop myself I shall start some projects and goals

FEGS website
Untitled Salon website
Set up wife’s gaming center

GOALS (items that need further development):
Street Photography
Video editing
Drone flying
Learn guitar

Daily drawing
Daily work out
Telling my wife how pretty and amazing she is every day
Clean and organize office
Fix computer
Read something

Skillshare, lets start with the basics

I think this is a good staring point. Lets see how it goes. I need to do my best and stay consistent with the progress of this list


Who is Jameson079

Hey there, my name is James Matthew and Jameson079 is my gamer tag that I've been using for a very long time. I've enjoyed the name so much that I dedicate this blog to thy name. This blog is just a daily post of what I'm up to and anything I feel like blogging about. No real coherent theme or structure, just like me :D