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So Soon? Another Motovlog Post: Future Sailor Talk

Originally posted on johnydecali:
Can’t believe that I am already posting another motovlog up on Youtube. I just happen to have a lot on my mind these days and just needed to get things out in the air.

2012 Movies Coming to an End

I was chilling with my brother, Johnydecali, and we were talking about how there’s really no movies that are coming out in October. Well there’s Seven Psychopaths, which looks funny but more of a “wait till its on Netflix” kinda movie. So yea, there’s really no good movies that I wanna see in October, I … Continue reading

A Day in Downtown Palo Alto

What am I doing out in Palo Alto. Well since I live on the Peninsula its just a quick 15min drive from me so why not. Hahaha. Actually my gf was meeting up with an old high school friend from back in the days in Palo Alto and I thought that was a great excuse … Continue reading

Don’t get screwed over.

Earlier tonight I was on http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/ checking out their feed. They have good topics, tutorials to build your skills and other resources that I like. Well there’s a topic that caught my interest that I just had to share it with you guys. It’s called Where Can Freelancers Go To Get a Design Contract? which … Continue reading

trying to figure out the ‘featured image’ section…

Let’s see if this works cause I haven’t been having any luck.

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  testing I have to check out how to post multiple images  well that was one how bout another and last one for good luck



test pic image

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Things I need to do

Need to re organize to pursue furniture design http://www.wisnowskidesign.com/ *like their tables. *go with reclaimed wood create vector file for Harley *create color concept/combo *draw out parts to build **pegs **hand grips **saddle bags Update resume Update portfolio get caught up with HTML,XHTML,CSS and perhaps Flash thats it for now…

Hello world

So what to write here… my life, my goals, my dreams, my experiences… or maybe nothing at all. Well I guess I’ll have to just rant and rave for now minding my own business.

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