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It’s rare for me not to be able to sleep. The fact that my knees are usually killing me by the time I go to bed (I may have jumpers knee but never had a dr evaluate it so its only speculation) that’s the only problem I have for not being able to sleep.

Tonight.. Tonight is different.

I lay in bed playing with the ideas of where to work. You see I was laid off like 6 weeks ago. The fact that im strap for cash and unemployment doesn’t pay well is finally dawning upon me. I was hoping to kick start a freelance gig but I’m not getting anything back from the proposals I throw out there to potential clients… so I think I have to face reality get my ass back into the work force. Its not that I hate working for the man. I just hate working for idiots and it seems like there’s more idiots out there than common sense.

So where to work and what kind of work would I like to do.

Lets start off with some back ground.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Arts Institute of California – San Francisco.

Why Interior Design. Well, true story of course, me and a friend of mine used to get drunk downtown San Jose and critiques the bars or clubs that we would be in and always talked about how we could do it better. Now we weren’t loud and trash talkers, we’d actually analyze the fine establishment that we were in and justify what it worked, why it didn’t work and how we would improve on it. That happend for a few years and I finally quit my job in the end.

I lived on my saving for several months trying to figure out what to do. Since I enjoyed my time critiquing bars and clubs I thought it would be great to own one. Which was brilliant at the time till I had another brilliant idea. Why not figure out what it takes to design bars and make all the contacts there so when I finally decide to open up my own bar I’ll be set. One problem, who are these people that designs bars??

As you can see, after researching online I came to the conclusion that Interior Designers are the people that design bars! HORRAY!!

So I go to school for Interior Design and graduate with a degree in the Winter Quarter of 2009. Do I get a job in the Hospitality Field designing bars and restaurants? No. I do something else and I’m still trying to figure out how I ended up where I ended up.

In the Spring of 2010 I end up doing consultation work for an Product Design (Industrial Design) company that specialized in Apple products. What they did really doesn’t matter. The real question is how I ended up there.

After graduating I couldn’t find work, the main real reason was lack of experience. I didn’t have a problem getting interviews, I just couldn’t close the interview to get hired nor did I really wanted to work for a Paint Company or Sell Furniture. (PEOPLE! If you are reading this and are currently enrolled for Higher Education, you either need the right experience or know the right people. Period) It was a real bummer. So I looked at my degree and said, what can I do with you??

I thought back through all the classes that I had and tried to think real hard which classes did I excel in and why? Furniture Design. Why? Which is the most important question to ask. Why, because it was the class I was most passionate about. Period.

Furniture Design… Well I suppose I can work in a furniture and sell furniture till I get ballsy enough to make my own furniture or… I can get another degree in Furniture Design…. What is Furniture Design…

Well Furniture Design is one of the Branches of Industrial Design (along with Product Design). So I was talking to one of the most important people you can talk to after graduating, your career advisor of course (trust me, I can never be thankful enough for mine) and she said, ‘Whoa! Hold your horses. Are you sure you want to dig yourself a bigger dept? I know the economy isn’t right and your not getting the right opportunity to work in the field that you want to work in but are you sure you want to go for another degree? Your not getting any younger.’

Don’t you hate it when people are right. I know I do.

Anyways she worked her network and introduced me to a person who’s an Industrial Designer and starting up their own company. So I met with the man and he picked me up as an design consultant. Which was great! Now was I able to do that work? You can argue yes and no. Why? Because my background is in Interior Design.

Now don’t get me wrong, design is design. They all have the basic principals and generally follow the same rules. Some schools may emphasize certain principals a little bit more than others but when it comes down to it, design 101. My problem was that my skill set was set up for Interior Design, not Industrial Design. For example, my sketching technique is far different from a seasoned Industrial Designer.

Some online images to help you visualize the difference..
This is an Interior Design Sketch

Image from http://interior-design-sketches.blogspot.com/2012/01/interior-design-sketches_06.html

and this is an Industrial Design Sketch

Image from http://www.benarent.co.uk/bog/category/design-sketching/

So yea… I had some great ideas, I still have some great ideas, they just thought my sketching skills was not up to par. Did that stop me? No. Why? Because design is design. What’s the purpose of a sketch? To tell a story, your idea, what ever it is in your mind but on paper so others can visualize what your thinking.

So I did that for a few months hoping to develop that skills that I need to get me into a Furniture Design firm. Well while with this company I would help out with some of their light manufacturing and production work. What can I say, I like to get my hands dirty and see the actual build process myself. Not to mention that I have a natural ability to delegate, direct, manage and lead people that I ended up as the Production Manager by the end of Summer. This was not my intent but I thought why not, the pay is decent and my foot is in the door.

Man… within 2 years the company grew, downsized, swelled and no longer healthy. I am now here collecting unemployment. Do I regret it? Hmm.. yes and no. I regret staying with them for so long but at the same time I learned so much within those 2 years. Behind the scenes things that makes a company tic and what makes a company not tic. I learned mainly from the things that you shouldn’t do and the things I had to do because it was for the “company’s best interest.” I hated it but like I said, I learned so much from it.

So now I am scheming what’s my next step in life. Back into Interior Design? Perhaps Furniture Design? Photography maybe (If you haven’t notice I like to shoot things)? I have the skills and experience to accomplish what ever it is that I’d like to do. But now that’s my question. Where do I go from here?

-James Matthew
Californian Nomad, Designer, Photographer, Dreamer


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