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Just messing around

Just messing around with my GoPro and time lapse. Thought it might be a good time to stop by here and say hi since I’ve been away and in case anyone was wondering if I was still a live lol anyway… here you go info shot with my GoPro HeroHD2 at 5 sec. intervals for … Continue reading

2012 Movies Coming to an End

I was chilling with my brother, Johnydecali, and we were talking about how there’s really no movies that are coming out in October. Well there’s Seven Psychopaths, which looks funny but more of a “wait till its on Netflix” kinda movie. So yea, there’s really no good movies that I wanna see in October, I … Continue reading

A Day in Downtown Palo Alto

What am I doing out in Palo Alto. Well since I live on the Peninsula its just a quick 15min drive from me so why not. Hahaha. Actually my gf was meeting up with an old high school friend from back in the days in Palo Alto and I thought that was a great excuse … Continue reading

Californian Nomad, Designer, Photographer, Dreamer

It’s rare for me not to be able to sleep. The fact that my knees are usually killing me by the time I go to bed (I may have jumpers knee but never had a dr evaluate it so its only speculation) that’s the only problem I have for not being able to sleep. Tonight.. … Continue reading

Double Days

It was always around this time, back in high school when I played JV Football, we would condition for the football season and start of with what they called Double Days. It was two 4 hour practices with one 2 hr break in between for… two weeks? No, I want to say it was only … Continue reading

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