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A Day in Downtown Palo Alto

What am I doing out in Palo Alto. Well since I live on the Peninsula its just a quick 15min drive from me so why not. Hahaha. Actually my gf was meeting up with an old high school friend from back in the days in Palo Alto and I thought that was a great excuse to get out n hit the streets. After a quick introduction with her friend I left them so they could have their girl time.

Now I’ve been down here before but never really took any candid street photography and since Downtown Palo Alto is pedestrian friendly I figured it would be a decent place to start. Downtown Palo Alto consist of local boutiques and your local franchise store like Apple, Restoration Hardware etc. but how bout some street culture? I mean it’s not like I’m in Berkley. Nevertheless it’s a great place to people watch and interact with the people on the streets.

Michael – Palo Alto’s own Street Drummer

This is Michael. He’s a candid street drummer who used to play on the streets of San Francisco. These days he plays on the streets of Palo Alto to be close to his elderly mother who he cares for. He’s also an Artist. You can see his talent on the walls of his bongos.
Details of Michaels own art work on his drums.

First In Line!!

This is Lawrence. He’s been camping out since Monday and was the first one in line at the Palo Alto Apple Store. Yes, he’s camping out for the new iPhone 5 which will be released this Friday. Now he’s not waiting in line to be the first person to be with an iPhone, he’s actually taking a stand against the dot-commers and bloggers who pays people to wait in line while doning a shirt of their sponsors.That’s right, he’s not your standard sheeple! He’s #Occupy-APPLE!!


I caught this unwelcome sight as I crossed the street and peered into this flower shop. It was my last minuet decision to stop and capture this moment as I held up traffic in the intersection.

I see you

That’s me catchy a sneak peak at myself πŸ˜€


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