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2012 Movies Coming to an End

I was chilling with my brother, Johnydecali, and we were talking about how there’s really no movies that are coming out in October. Well there’s Seven Psychopaths, which looks funny but more of a “wait till its on Netflix” kinda movie. So yea, there’s really no good movies that I wanna see in October, I mean c’mon, Tyler Perry as Alex Cross? Really? When did Tyler Perry become an action hero? But that doesn’t mean 2012 will not finish off without a bang!

First up, the most anticipated movie of the year i.m.h.o


I’ve always been a James Bond fan, even when they were silly movies like Moonraker, but c’mon, it was hightech, cool, and Bond always got the girl! But ever since Daniel Craig hop in those shoes he changed the game, and forever changed the way people think of James Bond. He is cool, reserved, smooth, bad ass and human. Bond used to fight with weapons and cars that were out of this world! Remember that car chase scene in the middle of Iceland? Now he gets beat up, hurt and doesn’t always get the girl. I’m not going to lie, I shed a tear when Vesper drowned in that elevator. How dare she tourment Bond like that for the rest of his life!
SKYFALL hits US movie theaters on November 9th

TWILIGHT – Breaking Dawn Part 2

For all those guys that are too macho to admit that they watch Twilight, all I wanna say is, SUCKA!! I’m going to the movies to watch BDP2 with my girl and going to enjoy it. There’s no shame in saying that. Yes, I was one of those guys who were too macho to watch Twilight. But with the advent of torrents, I was able to watch the first two Twilights on my PS3. Now I normally don’t go around openly suggesting that it’s okay for illegally download movies but in this case it’s okay. Why, because without the help of downloadable movies, I would had never gotten hook on the Twilight Saga.
TWILIGHT – Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits movie theater on November 16th


What a great way to end the year with an EPIC movie!! Yes, I haven’t seen it but if you saw any LOTR movies and watched the Hobbit movie when you were a kid you will know that this movie is going to be EPIC. Sadly, the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey is only part one of three. On the bright side, for the next three years we’ll be ending in a bang!
The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey in theaters on December 14th

Are these the only moveis coming out for the last couple months of the year? No. There’s plenty of movies coming out but with ticket prices at $11.50 for one adult, these are the movies that I am willing to spend and watch on the big screens. The while the other movies that are hitting the box office can wait till either Netlix, Redbox or even when it comes on FX. There’s nothing wrong with these movies but I can no longer justify to spend $40-$50 on a movie date when I can save the money and watch it in the luxury of my own home on a 140″ screen projected by an HD Projector and my own surround sound, $3 Orville Redenbacher popcorn, pizza and beer.

One last thing, I was hopping to catch the second part of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest, which was suppose to come out this year but I guess it’s getting delayed till 2014. If people are going to do trilogies they should stick with the scheduled released dates. Don’t do no Lucas shit and wait another 30 years till releasing another movie to the saga. Just saying.


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6 thoughts on “2012 Movies Coming to an End

  1. I can’t wait for Skyfall and The Hobbit! Just watched ARGO. All I can say is ARGO fuck yourself! LOL

    Posted by johnydecali | October 13, 2012, 12:53 am
  2. I rarely go out to the movies but I was telling Vincent I’m going to go see Skyfall. Didn’t realize The Hobbit was on its way too. BDP2 will have to wait but I just finished reading Twilight for the 5th time. I saw the trailer on Seven Psychopaths — might be going on my list too!

    Posted by Pinky Wenster | October 13, 2012, 9:07 am
  3. Optimo artigo. Costumava procurar constantemente blogs sobre o Big Brother Brasil e raramente encontro um blog com informacao tao boa como aqui.

    Posted by bbb 13 | December 22, 2012, 1:09 pm

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