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Burn Baby! BURN!!

Back in May 2012 I was out at the Infineon Raceway to watch the AMA Pro races and all I can say is that I was excited!! I’ve always been a man on two wheels, whether it be a bicycle or a motorcycle, I am always on two wheels. This was my first time at the races and I felt like a kid in a candy store. So many bikes, bikes and anything that has to deal with bikes!!

I was lucky to go there with a press pass, which my work supplied (Element Case) and I was able to go anywhere! I found out too late that I was able to go into the docks but the event was over by then. But that didn’t stop me from going to the WINNERS CIRCLE!! That’s where I was able to take this pic of Geoff Mays on the Team Amsoil/Hero – EBR 1190RS after winning his race! Congrats to Geoff Mays and all I can say is BURN BABY BURN!!

Geoff Mays of Team Amsoil Hero EBR on board the EBR 1125RR doing a burn out after winning his race at Infineon Raceways May 2012


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